Just a little picture teaser…


If all goes according to plan, False Steps should be published via Smashwords this coming weekend, with iBooks store, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble in the couple of days following that. For now I thought I’d share the ever-so-retro cover, which looks as if it’s travelled here straight from 1959. (The image is from 1969, appearances to the contrary).

Expect a new blog entry at the same time, just as a little sweetener so you’ll all come back then.

5 thoughts on “Just a little picture teaser…

  1. Absolutely Awesome!!! And to think, “We” could have had it all by the early to late 60’s…..If only our country hadn’t gotten so wimpy about death in space. We should have taken the attitude of the lamented, much missed TV series “Men Into Space”. It’s dangerous out there…people WILL die there, just as they did exploring the world during the rest of Human history.

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