We have liftoff!

Welcome back, everyone. Below you’ll find the first new entry to the blog since I wrapped up the text of the eBook that was the intended goal of False Steps since day 1. It’s a recent proposal, a concept dating to 2011, just to show that failed space vehicles didn’t stop after the 60s and 70s.

On that note, the book is now available—you can use the links in the sidebar to the right to order it. Those of you with Kobos/Nooks stay tuned: it’s been shipped to both the Kobo store and Barnes & Noble’s NOOK store, but has not yet made it into their catalogs. I’ll post the links for those when they become available.

You may also be interested in the most recent post to my other blog, Passing Strangeness, which is about the Magdeburg Rocket. While not strictly about manned spaceflight, it runs down the details of the first attempt to build a manned rocket that reached the prototype phase—in 1933! Oh, those ever-so-optimistic boys from the German VfR….


4 thoughts on “We have liftoff!

  1. Okay, I just downloaded my copy from Smashwords. I look forward to reading it! I’m reading everything I can find on the von Braun Team for a book I am currently researching. So this will be a book I’ll read for pleasure and for information about Wernher. That’s a win/win.

    • Make sure to check out the Magdeburg Rocket story over on my other blog, Passing Strangeness, then. It’s about von Braun’s predecessor in the VfR, Rudolph Nebel, and covers how von Braun ended up in charge of the Wehrmacht team instead of him.

      Good luck with the book, and I look forward to seeing it.

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